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I’m an addict.

A fitness junkie.

I push myself hard; harder than anyone else could ever push me.

I’m physically fit & mentally strong.

I will push you hard.

Harder still.


I’m an Alpha female.

A five-foot three-inch, eight stone, supreme Alpha female.

And I will kick your arse.

How do you like it?


On the mats Fantasy Wrestling? Submission after painful submission.

Staring at yourself in the mirror as you lay defeated on the floor, whilst I stand victoriously over you.

Triumphant in my Victory Pose; another loser beneath my foot.


Perhaps you need a Trainer.

Someone to beast you; to push your weak mind & feeble body beyond their limits of capability.

To inspire effort & exertion, to drive you to achieve my demanding standards.

To punish failure & reward success.


Tied up as a human punchbag.

Tied down as my aerobic step.

Punches & kicks pounding your helpless body; step after relentless step up & down, up & down.

All the time you praying for my stamina to wain; my strength to sap.


I am physically fit & mentally strong.


Recline yourself, resign yourself You're through

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