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Hello, my name is Princess Lola, welcome to my world!!


A world where, men grovel and throw themselves at my feet....

A world where I see men as slaves, subs and sissys, put here to serve and please me. Obey my every command and exceed to the highest standards to fulfill my wishes....

A world where you will always be on your knees in front of me, awaiting your pain stricken punishment....


I believe that I deserve to be pampered and treated like the true Princess I am. I am a very cruel but sensual mistress who will stop at nothing to get exactly what I want. I am very demanding and will train you to my high standards, so if you are not satisfying me then be prepared to be punished or made to do humiliating tasks over and over again until it registers into your pathetic little minds.


So, how did I become a mistress you ask?

Well growing up over the years sparked my imagination, with various scenarios some being the simple things like walking into a doctors surgery or the plumber visiting to fix my blocked sink. These then being turned into femdom scenrios where I would think about ordering the patient or the plumber onto the floor and then being humiliated and dominated by me. I would think about walking and trampling over men. I would think about slapping them around the face and having them beg for mercy. So after gathering all these thoughts and scenarios I finally decided to fulfill them and become the ultimate Princess, Princess Lola!!

Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets & little man, little lola wants you

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