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Hello, I'm Princess Lola, welcome to my world!


A world where, what Princess Lola wants, Princess Lola gets!


I have been a Mistress for over 4 years now and I enjoy every minute of it. I enjoy tormenting and teasing my slaves and watching them suffer for me as they fall deeper under my spell, looking down at my slaves, reminding them of their place beneath me and that they should worship their superior Princess!


I decided to become a Mistress after growing up with a family that completely spoilt me. I was always being treated like a pampered Princess and was given nearly everything I wanted like a complete spoilt diva! Reaching my late teens I realised I had a kink and would find myself turning any vanilla situation into a femdom scenario in my head. There was always a feeling of dominance within me and I had always wanted everything my way and still do!


I am a very cruel and sensual Princess with a sadistic and teasing mind, so prepare to be mesmerised and totally mind controlled by me. I am very demanding and expect the highest respect and servitude from my slaves. I will train you to my exceptional standards and punishments will be given should these requirements not be met.


So are you ready to worship me? Be owned by me? And serve me to the highest standards?


Note: I have a loyal & trusted lifestyle slave, I do not require any more.

Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets & little man, little lola wants you

Your Dominatrix b WorldwideMistressGuide