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A Little About Me


Hello, I'm Princess Lola, welcome to my world. A world where you will discover and explore BDSM in many forms as I take you on a journey with me, to mould and train you into my subservient slave. Once you are trapped in my web, your life will have just begun and you will be wanting more and more whilst I capture your soul, mind and body bit by bit.


I have always known I was different. Growing up as an only child for the best part of 12 years, I learned how to get my own way and was often referred to as a spoilt little diva. During my teenage years I was becoming more and more naturally dominate and somewhat bossy when it came to boys and boyfriends. Realising this power and control I had, I thrived on it, which led to my late teenage years/early twenties discovering the internet and finding that there were similar people as me. Learning that, in fact I was not a freak or weirdo for my sadist thoughts and scenarios that I had been having. And that, the BDSM community is a fun, sexy, kinky world of discovery. A world that I wanted to be part of.


So with that in mind, I began to do my research and found that I could make a profession out of being a Dominatrix, a ProDomme. I would look at images online of other Mistresses dungeons and play spaces, dreaming that would be me one day and in awe of the exquisite collections of implements that filled these dungeons. With all of this in mind, I decided to take the plunge at the young age of 22 and  I have never looked back.


I am now the happiest I have ever been, with an ever growing stable of loyal serving slaves and my own playroom, a place I call Utopia, my happy place. I enjoy having my slaves on their knees, ready to serve. Seeing the look in my slave's eyes of utter devotion, pleasing me, obeying my every command. Having them beneath me, serving at my feet, or being walked all over as Princess Lola's carpet. Your body is my blank canvas, to do with as I please.


So come with me and start your journey today.          


Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets & little man, little lola wants you


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